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 [[https://​learn.digiling.eu/​course/​index.php?​categoryid=2|DigiLing]]:​Free online courses on computational linguistics [[https://​learn.digiling.eu/​course/​index.php?​categoryid=2|DigiLing]]:​Free online courses on computational linguistics
 +====Distance Measurement====
 +[[http://​dataaspirant.com/​2015/​04/​11/​five-most-popular-similarity-measures-implementation-in-python/​|Popular Similarity Measures Implementation in Python]]
 ====User-friendly tools==== ====User-friendly tools====
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 [[https://​realpython.com/​blog/​python/​python-web-applications/​|Python Web Applications]] - a tutorial on how to build them [[https://​realpython.com/​blog/​python/​python-web-applications/​|Python Web Applications]] - a tutorial on how to build them
 +=====Python and R=====
 +You can easily call R from python by using the [[https://​rpy2.bitbucket.io|RPy2 package]]. [[.:​statistics|Here]] you can resources I used to learn this.
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