Computer Science

A series of textbooks on Undegraduate Topics in Computer Science


Python: In Czech

Web: Basics of web development (primarily for my own purposes).

Text Mining

Data scientists grasp it as text mining, computer scientists call it natural language processing, in traditional academy it echoes the methods of corpus linguistics, while digital humanists desribe it as distant reading.

TEI by example: Tutorial into TEI.

AntConc: A freeware corpus analysis toolkit for concordancing and text analysis.

SIGHUM: Association of Computational lignustics Special Interest Group on Language Technologies for Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities

DigiLing:Free online courses on computational linguistics

Distance Measurement

User-friendly tools

Voyant Tools: a web tool for analysis and visualization of digital texts

Hermeneutica is a collaborative project by Stéfan Sinclair & Geoffrey Rockwell to think through computer-assisted text analysis for humanists. This site is a compantion to the book Hermeneutica book (MIT, 2016) and Voyant Tools. This site includes online versions of the practical interlude chapters from the book with dynamic panels from Voyant.

Topic Modelling

Gensim: topic modeling for humans

Text Analysis with Topic Models for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Topic Modelling for Historical Languages: a blog post of Thomas Koentzes (Leipzig) on general issues associated with topic modeling of latin, greek and arabics. GitHub materials.

Ways to diachronic topic modeling

Text network analysis


Infranodus software

Exploring social network from literary texts

  • in python 2.7
  • based on Natural language toolkit ( contains corpuses and vocabularies.

Text vizualizations


Morphodita for Python: lemmatizer of Czech, created by Milan Straka and Jana Straková from the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, CUNI, Czech Republic.

Python wrapper for Majka: Majka is a linguistics tool for morphology analysis bulit by NLP center at MUNI.

LINDAT: corpora


bla bla bla - so many things to put here.

Python Web Applications - a tutorial on how to build them

Python and R

You can easily call R from python by using the RPy2 package. Here you can resources I used to learn this.

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