Digital Resources for the Study of Ancient Mediterranean

Greek and Latin Literature in General

GitHub: Open Greek and Latin Project The Open Greek and Latin Project produces machine-corrected XML versions of Greek and Latin works and translations.

Lemmatized Ancient Greek Texts: This repository contains Ancient Greek texts which have been tokenized, POS-tagged, sentence-splitted, and lemmatized automatically. The texts come from the following repositories, which currently contain most of the Ancient Greek texts freely accessible over the internet.

Perseus Collection: Greek and Roman Material

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

Thesaurus Linguae Latinae

digilibLT: Digital library of late-antique latin texts

Tesserae: Tesserae is a freely available tool for detecting allusions in Latin poetry. It was created by the Textual Analysis Working Group, a collaborative, interdisciplinary research team based at the University at Buffalo.

Brill's New Pauly Online

Brill's New Pauly Supp.: Dictionary of Greek and Latin Authors and Texts

Additional volumes to Perseus: First 1000 Years of Greek

LacusCurtius: includes sourcebook of at least 51 books or authors from antiquity and ditital versions of several important books about ancient Rome.

Loeb Classical Library. List of works published by Harvard University Press in the See also a list on wikipedia.

Adelaide E-Books: E-books of classical literature in epub format on the webpage of the University of Adelaide.

Maps of the Graeco-Roman World

Ancient World Mapping Center: À-la-carte Map: It seems to be the most user-friendly interface I met; enables drawing, printing exporting etc. Disanvantage: very slow.

Pleiades: crucial source of coordinates of ancient places.

Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilization: intersting map layers (churches, bishopheries, temples etc.), based on pleidas.

Orbis: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World. Calculate your route everywhere you want…

Archaeology and Epigraphy

List of Oldest Church Buildings: Nice, but uncomplete.

EAGLE project on digital epigraphy of ancient inscriptions.

CEIPAC: Database of ancient amphoras and of inscriptions on them.

EPNet: Modelling project drawing on CEIPAC database. The European Research Council has granted a project Advancet Grant CEIPAC IP group: Production and Distribution of Food during the Roman Empire: Economic and Political Dynamics (EPNet). The proposed study will want to create an innovative framework to investigate the political and economic mechanisms that characterised the dynamics of the commercial trade system during the Roman Empire.

Inscriptiones Graece online, sorted by region.

Corpus Insriptionum Latinorum: Berliner mega projects on insriptions.

Epigraphic Database Bari: Inscriptiones Christianae Vrbis Romae, nova series, voll. I-X: A fascinating interdisciplinary project

Early Christian Literature

Biblical Literature

Biblical Humanities: Dashboard: Resources for digital humanities research in biblical studies

Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception from De Gruyter]]. Works fine.

Free books in Biblical Studies and Related Fields

The international Greek New Testament Project. Up to date includes full-text transcriptions of all important manuscripts of the Gospel of John.

Institute für Neuetestamentische Textforschung webpage including Manuscript Workspace containing scans of a lot of New Testament manuscritps.

New Testament Transcript Project (prototype) covered by University of Münster Institute for New Testament Textual Critial Research.

Codex Sinaiticus Project enabling to see the manuscript photographs.

Coherence-Based Geneaological Method: A quantitative method to analyze NT manuscripts.

Genealogical Queries: A program for CBGM.

Apostolic Fathers, Patristic and other Early Christian Literature

The web of North American Patristic Society including huge amount of links to primary sources etc.

Ecole Initiative: probably a dead project already, but still interesting.

Documenta Catholoca Omnia: a substantial amount of Christian texts texts both in original and primary languages.

Early Christian Writings: useful and chronologically arranged list of early Christian authors or anonymous sources with links to English translations of their works.

Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum

List of the volumes available via Internet here


Patrologia Graeca. Short overview of content of individual volumes here. An alternative list of MPG volumes with links to google.books.

Patrologia Latina. Short overview of content of individual volumes here.

Patrologia Latina Database.

Ante-Nicene Fathers: Overview

EPUB versions of all of them downloaded from Christian Classics Ethernal Library.

Overview of content of individual volumes

Sources chrétiennes: overview of volumes.

Jewish Sources

Encyclopedia Judaica (2007) and other encyclopedias from De Gruyter: Sometimes does not work.

Donald D. Binder personal website on ancient Judaism, including a lot of links to relevant sources.


The Coptic Gnostic Library — A Complete Edition of the Nag Hammadi Codices from Brill (Robinson's edition) - now available via Helsinki library account

Religion in General

Encyclopedia of Religion (2005). Perfect search engine. Results downloadable in PDF.

Religion Past and Present (Brill): “Religion Past and Present (RPP) Online is the online version of the updated English translation of the 4th edition of the definitive encyclopedia of religion worldwide: the peerless Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart (RGG). This great resource, now at last available in English and Online, Religion Past and Present Online continues the tradition of deep knowledge and authority relied upon by generations of scholars in religious, theological, and biblical studies. Including the latest developments in research, Religion Past and Present Online encompasses a vast range of subjects connected with religion.”

Oxford Handbooks Online: Religion: 1,798 articles (April 2015)

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