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 ======CAvsSF====== ======CAvsSF======
-A work in progresssee [[https://www.academia.edu/31102361/Ka%C5%A1e_V._and_Hampejs_T._2016_._Modelling_Cultural_Transmission_of_Rituals_An_Agent-Based_Model_Contrasting_Social_Function_and_Cognitive_Attraction_6th_biennial_meeting_of_the_International_Association_for_the_Cognitive_Science_of_Religion_Vancouver_August_22-24_|here]].+This project has reached its main goal in the following publication:​ 
 +KašeV., Hampejs, T., & Pospíšil, Z. (2018). Modeling Cultural Transmission of Rituals in SilicoThe Advantages and Pitfalls of Agent-Based vsSystem Dynamics ModelsJournal of Cognition & Culture, 18(5), 483–507. http://doi.org/10.1163/​15685373-12340041 
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